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Dec. 20th, 2012

Files., /OOC

OOC : [All-Purpose Paging and Contact Post]

Hi, this is Captain Jack Harkness. I may or may not be at my journal right now, but leave me a message and I'll get back to you.
Future's so bright I gotta wear shades.

[OOC] Jack's playlist!

168 songs from Jack Harkness's playlist.Collapse )

Feb. 9th, 2011

Future's so bright I gotta wear shades.


[Locked against those with pro-CLF sentiment; locked against those whose journals are being accessed by those with pro-CLF sentiment] [Locked against Barnams]

About three years ago, when I first came to Chicago, the city was being terrorized by a Neqa'el named Calisto. Her MO was simple: torment the wanderer population, as well as any angels, supernatural humans, and even demons who got in her way.

She wanted us to be afraid. She wanted to watch us panic.

Instead, our community came together. We formed bonds that did not break, and we weathered her. And soon enough, she fell.

The CLF has been trying to tear this city apart for a long time, now, and they haven't succeeded yet. They won't succeed – not so long as we stick together, watch out for each other.

There's no retreating from this place. They'd like us gone, but we know there's no way home. Home is where we make it, and we're making it here. We're making a stand. We weren't given a choice in this, and we're not going to back down.

The girl some of you may have seen on the journal networks earlier is safe. She's under Torchwood protection. And that protection is offered to whoever feels threatened.

Don't be afraid. We've faced, and defeated, worse than this.

Flashlight time!

[BTR] Escalation. It takes coordination...

[Locked to Torchwood, Elashte, Martha ...Sunshine]

Right, everyone, give me the intel you have on this CLF bastard, and whatever recommendations you feel like throwing my way.

Mio, Col. O'Neill, your jobs are going to become a lot of fun in the next few days. I want the two of you to coordinate on tracking this bastard down and seeing that his organization is ripped up by the roots.

Phoebe, that militia you started. See that it's meeting, trained, and ready to handle any unpleasantness that might arise. Ianto, see that she has everything she needs.

Feb. 8th, 2011

Important documents.

[BTR] Multiple locks

{{OOC: Hitting the journals a few minutes after this tag:}}

[Locked to Ianto]

There was an incident outside the Kashtta. I'm taking care of casualties, but there's a bit of blood on the front steps. If you could clean that up before any of our wanderers start to worry, it'd be appreciated.

[Locked to Phoebe]

You're probably feeling a lot of   unpleasant stuff coming in and out. I'm sorry. I'll explain everything you need me to, in a few hours. Just   give me a bit of time.

{{OOC: Aaaand an hour or two later, after the conclusion of this tag:}}

[Locked to Mio, Ianto, Phoebe]

I'm up in medical isolation room 3. Might be here all night. Bit of a situation with one of our wanderers – looks like CLF, if I had to take a guess. Be here if you need me.

Though, Ianto, if you could send some coffee my way, it would be appreciated.

Mio, I'm probably going to need to speak to Elashte, after this. Pretty sure there's time on my sched. Aside from that, if you could keep an eye on the Tower and make sure it doesn't catch on fire? Thanks.

Nov. 1st, 2010


[BTR] Locked to Phoebe

{{OOC: Backdated to *just* after the Halloween party, when he's had a chance to take off those giant white paws.}}

So I think I may have inadvertently driven a teenage girl into a schizophrenic break from reality.

In my defense, things usually don't go bad that quickly.

Oct. 18th, 2010


[BTR] Locked to Phoebe Donovan and Martha Jones

Dear diary.

Running out of reasons not to strangle my team.

Sep. 8th, 2010

Considerations...., Prevarications....

[BTR] Locked to Martha, Mio... and, why not? Dmitri

Well, looks like someone's got themselves a news outlet. I feel like I should ask for news from the Old Country, but I have a feeling it wouldn't be anything I wanted to hear.

Still, it did make me think. What do you folks think the possibility of a census would be? Has anyone ever conducted one, either on the wanderer population or the larger supernatural one?

Sep. 4th, 2010

Canid examination., Are you high? …am I high?

[BTR] Locked to Torchwood Chicago, and to Martha Jones

So, something identifying itself as the Kashtta Tower showed up on the journal networks, writing a locked entry to Martha, a bit ago. I have a few questions about this, as I can imagine Martha does, too.

Mercury, could this tie into the journal experiments you've been doing? Failing that, Owen, Mio, anything you've heard from the Tower's directions which might shed some light?

Sep. 2nd, 2010

Oh no…


[Locked to Phoebe]

I have a   kitten.

Aug. 16th, 2010

Pray not., Pondering.

[BTR|RP] Without the light of wisdom, what else can be done?


As it turns out, Elashte is either not as invested in answering Jack's proverbial phonecalls these days as he could be, or Jack chose a rather poor time to try to get in touch with him. And with Mio being not exactly a mindhealer, and the Vesmier being in a different country and rather comprehensively out of reach...

If it takes him a bit longer to find Ianto than it should, it's because he's had to track down a few tools he'd rather never have had cause to use again, and stow them safely in a dark canvas bag. And he's had to do quite a number of mental gymnastics to pout himself in a state where he can think yes, it's time to break someone and not turn around and walk straight for his link severer.

Some days, it's all he can do not to strangle Owen for dragging him back from that brink.

He knocks twice at Ianto's cell door before letting himself in, more as an announcement of his presence than any need for permission to enter. Once he steps in he activates the command on his wrist device that locks the door from the outside – thank you, Torchwood op-techs – and drops the bag, which lands with a soft jangle just inside the door.

He gives a smile that's more rue than warmth.

"So, I guess this is going to happen the hard way."

Aug. 10th, 2010

Canid examination., Are you high? …am I high?

[BTR] Back, and not happy.

[LOCKED to Mio Hongo, Martha Jones, Phoebe Donovan, and Elashte]

All right. Someone needs to tell me why more of Chicago's fallen down than usual, why our friends the CLF are back and making life miserable, and – most importantly – WHERE THE FUCK I WAS WHEN ALL OF THIS WAS HAPPENING.

I really don't appreciate walking into my office in the morning and finding out I'm missing several weeks.

Jun. 20th, 2010

For want of wild beasts…

[BTR] Locked to Torchwood Chicago, and to Martha Jones

{{OOC: Backdated to just after Ianto's breakdown.}}

So. All of you should be aware that Ianto Jones, a Torchwood agent from Cardiff, came through the Rift about a week ago. I told him to take some time to familiarize himself with the political atmosphere before deciding if he wanted to work here in this universe.

He's just come back and admitted to being made into a psychic trojan.

I know what you're thinking: our jobs really weren't complicated enough.

Someone from his own universe wrote a volatile persona over his own identity, programmed to target, assault, and kill civilians, specifically young women. Apparently by the time he realized he wasn't in control, he'd already killed several people. Which gives us a problem.

I've put him in one of the dorm rooms on the third floor, for the moment. Mercury, Daniel, I need you to get a locking system on that door. I still don't know the extend of his programming, or if it'll kick in and shut down his cooperation. Owen, I need you keeping an eye on him just in case he does get up to something in the Tower.

Mio, Martha...I need options. Obviously there are laws that have been broken, and obviously there are special circumstances. And, obviously, something has to be done to address the damage in his mind. I just need to know what options we have.

Jun. 9th, 2010

Greatcoat time.

[BTR] [RP] The future teaches you to be alone, the present to be afraid and cold.

{{OOC: Backdated to Ianto's retrieval date.}}

Certain people's relationships can best be destroyed as "mutually assured destruction." Call him rather all-or-nothing in the pursuit of fatalism, but Jack frequently has the feeling that his relationship with Ianto, apparently in whatever universe or set of circumstances it occurs in, is one of those.

He's prowling around the periphery of his second-floor office – rather, the second-floor office which was once Gwen's – and reflecting that, of all the people in his long and storied past with Torchwood to come through, Ianto is a close second only to Suzie in terms of how awkward timing and circumstance makes this. To be honest, he'd prefer if he'd never come through. He'd prefer if he never had to look at any of the faces he betrayed again – not for a long, long time, if ever again.

Chicago emphatically does not care what he wants.

So he's here. Prowling like a caged animal, watching the door.


May. 31st, 2010

Canid examination., Are you high? …am I high?


[Locked to Torchwood Chicago]

I have no idea how many of you know how much about something called the Organization. From what I know, it's a powerful shadow faction in Chicago and likely extending outside of its bounds.

A far as I can tell, it's also trying to feel us out. That would be the easiest explanation for why they located one Ianto Jones who's fallen through the Rift and, instead of sending him on over to us, have taken him home and are asking us to collect him.

Mio, do you have enough time to drop over, secure him, and bring him in? I'm not anticipating any trouble, but I think dispatching a Torchwood head to fetch and retrieve might send messages I don't want to. Assuming the Wanderer population here is eating your time, Phoebe and Mercury, could you handle this?

May. 13th, 2010



[Locked to Torchwood Chicago]

Our little family is growing bigger and bigger.

For some reason totally foreign to the application of logic, I've acquired a second guardian angel. Her name is Phoebe Donovan.

As there would be no effective way to accommodate the guardian-ward bond without having her in Torchwood, she'll be joining us. I'll be seeing to her training myself over the coming days.

If any of you say anything I will feed you your own spleen.

[Locked to Martha]

I've just acquired an 18-year-old guardian angel.

Tell me this will be hilarious in hindsight.

May. 12th, 2010

Future's so bright I gotta wear shades.



Hello, everyone.

This is Captain Jack Harkness, representing Torchwood. A few of you know may know me and I know a few of you. I've been here for a long time, two years last March, and I've seen Chicago change: from a city keeping its head down so as not to attract Calisto's attentions, to a battlefield between demons and the angels under Romana's command, to a place with a hard-won peace treaty, still defending itself against terrorists like the CLF. I don't know what it is today, but I know that we've endured, and I know that we'll continue to.

By now you've all seen Martha's post, and there's not much I can add on to that. This city likes giving us hard knocks, but it hasn't brought us down.

Tonight, the Kashtta Tower on Wabash and Lake is opening its doors to house Wanderers and others who have nowhere else to go after the fall of the Conrad. The building is owned by Torchwood, and the people in it fall under our protection. I can't promise that the violence which tears through Chicago won't ever come to the doors, but if it does, know you won't be facing it on your own.

We've been working in cooperation with Elashte to stock the building and get it ready. The rooms and the building aren't the most glamorous, but you'll get some privacy, four walls, locking doors, and warm beds. Food and basic supplies – sheets, towels, hygienics – are all on us. Consider us your home away from Hotel.

[Locked to Torchwood Chicago]

Everyone, welcome Matoi Tsunetsuki on board as Owen's assistant in a probationary role. She can introduce herself, if she'd like.

Owen, Mio, as the two of you seem to be the ones in communication with this place we live in, I'm afraid I may have to ask you to take on a few jobs usually reserved for security personnel. I don't imagine enforcement will fall to you unless something really goes wrong, but keep your eyes and ears open, if you could. We're getting an influx of people in here and I'm sure emotions are still running high, and if we have to run containment – cross your fingers that we won't – you two are going to be the most likely to see how.

May. 8th, 2010



[Locked to Mio Hongo and Sailor Mercury primarily; Torchwood Chicago as a whole; Elashte; Martha]

It looks like our roles as caretakers of the wanderer population are about to get a lot more literal.

From what I hear, current wanderers and any new ones coming through are not going to have anywhere to go unless they elect to head out to the Main Gauche, and from what I hear from Elashte, that may not be a sustainable option. At the moment, we're sitting on top of the largest facility available to house them: the Kashtta Tower.

We need to get the academic wings set up to handle an influx of refugees. See that we have a system to assign rooms, set up common areas, work out some sort of rotation with kitchen duties and determine access controls on consumables.

And we need to find a way to lock down the Tower proper – the basement especially, but I'd like to restrict access to the offices above the first floor. Above the second, if necessary; we can relocate up, but I don't want civilians tramping all over Torchwood HQ, and I certainly don't want them messing with the Rift in the sub-basement. Not to mention the corrupted hallway and Owen's morgue. We can't proceed with this until we take care of those security concerns.

I know it's a lot to ask, but I'm asking it, and at this point the city of Chicago is asking it, too. I want the Kashtta partitioned and ready to be inhabited within four days, if at all possible and possibly if not. By the time the sun sets on Wednesday, let's have a place for the masses to call home.

May. 7th, 2010

Jackie get your gun.


[Locked to Torchwood Chicago]


Rift opening. The entire hotel just came down. Plenty trapped inside, every chance that new wanderers and monsters are coming through. Full kit, guys, and I need you here ten minutes ago.

{{A bit later...}}

[Locked to Torchwood Chicago]

There's a shitton of Rift interference – my wrist device won't teleport, and it'll barely scan anything but the active Rift itself. If anyone has technology that can scan, bring it.

{{A bit later...}}

[Locked to Martha]


May. 6th, 2010



[Locked to Torchwood]

Right, everyone, the city's not fixing itself.

Take some time to introduce yourselves to each other; I want to see noise on these journals. Debate the great tactical problems. Develop schema for experimental technologies. Share brownie recipes; I don't care. For the next little while, and I know you're going to love this, Owen, we're going to be team-building to any extent we can. Plan on sleeping in the Tower and taking a few meals together. We don't know how to work together, we're pretty much screwed.

Anyone who hasn't gone through firearms training needs to see me to get that fixed as soon as possible.

I'm in the middle of an equipment audit to see what was left behind when everyone was taken. Everyone needs to see me as soon as possible to be assigned a headset and a mobile phone. Those of you without Torchwood-issue firearms also need to see me to determine what style fits you best.

Any questions, ask.

Back in my home universe, Torchwood was founded to protect the British empire from anything beyond the scope or knowledge of its usual protectors, and to serve the Empire's interests by securing alien technology. By the time it filtered down to my command in Cardiff, the imperative was to protect the city and monitor the Rift.

This is Torchwood Chicago. We don't have the institutional resources we did back home, but this is what we do: we take what we have and we make it work.

Torchwood Chicago's mandate is, primarily, to look after wanderer interests in this city – we're the only thing resembling a special response team that will and can. Protecting the city itself is an extension of that. Like it or not, this is where the majority of wanderers are going to be, and we're going to keep it standing. We don't have time to ease into this job, boys and girls; let's hit the ground running.

[Locked to Martha Jones]

...I spent a long time debating how to open this.

I've seen the updated lists of the missing. I... can't say how sorry I am. Much as I know that sorry fixes nothing.

I know I'm probably not the most reassuring person to pop up on the journal network right now, but it looks like we're not getting much choice in this. Owen drafted me into the Torchwood reconstruction at gunpoint, so here I am.

From what I've heard from Elashte, the entire Archangel command structure is gone and there's unrest on all the less-than-legal channels that talk to him. You and Elashte may be the last known authority figures left.

Look, I  want to help. If there's any way I can.

I can stop by the Conrad, if it'd be useful. Tomorrow?

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